The Swedish Emigrant Institute Shuts Down Operations

The Board of Directors for the Swedish Emigrant Institute (SEI) decided at its meeting on November 12, 2013, that the Swedish Emigrant Institute Foundation will be disbanded. All operations under SEI's direction will immediately cease or will transfer to one or more of SEI's affiliate organizations. Continuing information about the closure can be followed on SEI's home page. For specific questions, please visit:

Vxj 2013, Board of Directors for the Swedish Emigrant Institute

The House of Emigrants is still open to visitors.
The Swedish Emigrant Institute
The Institute was established in 1965 at the initiation of Governor Gunnar Heln. Its original purpose was to preserve records, interviews, and memorabilia relating to the period of major Swedish emigration between 1846 and 1930 when 1.3 million (about 20%) of the Swedish population left the country. With the tremendous influx of immigrants to Sweden in recent decades, the Institute has expanded its mission to include the documentation of the emigrant experience of those who have left their own homelands for Sweden. Because emigration from ones homeland and integration into a new society are universal human experiences, understanding the Swedish emigrant experience provides a key to fostering the integration of those who are establishing themselves in their new country, Sweden.
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